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Olimpiusky National Sports Complex


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“Dolya & Co. LTD”, Kiev

The Olimpiysky National Sports Complex in Kiev, known as NSK “Olympic”, is home to the Ukrainian National Football Team and Dynamo Football Club. It is the second largest stadium in Eastern Europe and hosts numerous other entertainment and sporting events, including the final of EURO 2012.

The stadium underwent extensive renovation prior to this tournament. In parallel the communications system was upgraded too from an analogue system to a digital platform. This was done to improve communications among personnel and ensure the safety of fans visiting the ground. In addition, UEFA stipulated that digital communications should be installed as standard at all grounds hosting Euro 2012 games.

Following a competitive tender process for the new system, NSK “Olympic” chose to work with the locally based Dolya & Co Ltd. Drawing on its extensive experience in delivering similar successful radio communication systems in Ukraine, Dolya & Co Ltd. recommended Motorola Solution’s TETRA solution.

The DIMETRA IP Micro network provides optimal coverage throughout the 145,741m² complex, including in the underground parking and dressing room areas. Quick and easy to install, the solution is also simple to operate and maintain. It provides highly robust and reliable critical communications between stadium staff on match days and at events, even at peak times and during emergencies.



NSK “Olympic” needed to extend reliable radio coverage to remote and underground areas of the complex. Capacity also needed to increase so that users could always have access to a channel, even at peak periods. To meet EURO 2012 criteria, it also had to expand the functionality of its previous analogue radio system to offer data communications, reduce response times to emergencies and ensure the safety of both fans and staff. Audio quality was a further critical requirement within the stadium area where high energy football games and pop concerts can raise noise levels to over 110 dBA. Previously personnel had often struggled to hear and convey messages. The new network and terminals had to be fully functional for the re-opening of the complex on 8th October 2011. The system was put to the test from day one


A fire broke out at the beginning of the opening ceremony, due to an issue with the protective film on the stadium spotlights. Subscribers using standard mobile and analogue devices suffered coverage issues due to the high user load. Moreover, they had no coverage at all in the lower levels of the stadium and could not communicate to resolve the emergency. In contrast, the Motorola Dimetra IP Micro subscribers enjoyed a reliable and stable connection throughout the crisis and stadium. Eleven talk groups were immediately alerted and cooperated effectively to ensure the blaze was quickly brought under control. The second test came a month later, during the opening International between Ukraine and Germany. Stadium teams were faced with various security issues prior to and during the match, such as the outbreak of fights, vandalism and large numbers of fans trying to enter the ground without going through the official checkpoints. Mobile and analogue users again suffered connection and coverage issues. However the 15 Dimetra IP Micro subscriber groups co-operated to resolve the issues. Dimetra IP Micro has proven repeatedly that it is perfectly suited to the stadium requirements, being especially designed for the provision of radio communication with a high density of users. It also includes a multi-channel interface to the existing stadium analogue network, so allowing these users to participate in group calls with the TETRA users. The radio coverage below street level is provided by the four lightweight MTS2 base stations in conjunction with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). The MTP850 has been designed to protect its users, with its high quality voice calls and large emergency button. Moreover its voice compression technology provides superior audio quality and suppresses background noise, so ensuring transmissions are not misheard. The comfortable headsets are suitable to be worn for prolonged periods and allow hands free communication. Finally there are two dispatching stations from which personnel can swiftly and effectively dispatch medical, emergency and security staff using Motorola’s CENTRACOM Elite software-based dispatch console.


Dimetra IP Micro has delivered a huge improvement in communications between stadium personnel. It has doubled the capacity of the radio network, ensured extended coverage throughout the stadium and users can enjoy crystal clear audio, even in the noisiest of environments. Users say that the TETRA terminals are robust, reliable and easy to use. Moreover with low installation and maintenance costs, NSK “Olympic” have already seen a return on investment. The Motorola Solutions TETRA deployment has become a vital asset to successful stadium operations and has repeatedly proven why it is the technology of choice for public safety.

The benefits

  • Reliable communications for over 1,000 users throughout complex
  • Increased channel capacity
  • Crystal clear audio quality even in the noisiest of environments
  • Multi-channel interface to existing analogue networks
  • Small, robust, easy to operate terminals with large emergency button
  • Low investment and operational costs

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At full capacity sports event, you'll have over 70,000 fans, 15 emergency teams, 250 security guards and 1000 stewards on site. Teams need to be able to communicate efficiently and quickly, wherever they are. With Motorola’s TETRA solution they can now respond immediately to any issues or emergencies and always have vital information at their fingertips to make informed decisions.


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