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Donetsk is the fifth largest city in Ukraine. In 2012 Donetsk International Airport was modernized for the Euro 2012 football tournament. Consequently the ultra-modern airport increased carrying capacity from 700 to 3800 passengers every hour and can now handle all types of aircraft at any time of the day.

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International Airport Donetsk Sergey S. Prokofiev


Donetsk, Ukraine 




Dolya & Co Ltd, Kiev, Ukraine

The airport had previously used analogue radios and paper reporting to manage operations. However, in line with the modernization of the international terminal, it was the right time to upgrade communications. The airport defined the need for a system offering high capacity, performance and reliability.

Working in close collaboration with Dolya & Co Ltd, Donetsk International Airport deployed the TETRA Dimetra IP Compact network and terminals from Motorola Solutions. The system provides robust, secure communications and data transmission between staff across the airport including the terminal warehouses, hotel, multilevel parking and other industrial buildings.  

With accurate real-time information at their fingertips, workers are in the right place at the right time, they can make more informed decisions and carry out their duties quickly and efficiently. Sice deploying the system, the airport has already achieved substantial cost savings of up to 20% and time savings of up to 10%



The airport’s previous analogue system only supported voice services and often suffered coverage issues and overload. Associated paper processes were time consuming and subject to error. The system resulted in inefficient resource allocation and a lack of real-time information. With an increase in flights and passengers the number of maintenance staff was doubled. So the airport set the objective to enhance efficiencies. As a key part of this drive it looked for a new communication system with data capabilities which would also be compatible with the airport’s telephone system and analogue system.


Following a competitive tender, International Airport Donetsk chose to work with Dolya & Co Ltd., an official Motorola Solutions partner. The Dimetra IP Compact network has been tailored by Dolya to meet the airport requirements. The resulting system resources and functionality allows all users – including all airport services, airlines and other service organisations – to communicate across one common radio network. The new system has wide capacity, supporting link on demand and queue management, so ensuring subscribers always have a channel available even in emergency situations. The system provides group and individual calls and also data transmission and remote access to the airport’s databases and information systems via Multi Slot Packet Data (MSPD) and WAP browser. It is used for task allocation, staff management, time synchronization, personnel and vehicle tracking, fleet management and resource allocation. Security and reliability requirements were met by geographical redundancy. Switches in different sites ensure a connection is provided, even in the case of the full physical destruction of one of the switches. The base stations are also equipped with a backup site controller and duplicate power system for reliable radio coverage in all parts of the airport, even if there is a power failure. Motorola Solutions’ authentication encryption provides protection against unauthorized access. Additionally Dolya has worked with the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine with regard to information protection. Dimetra IP is now listed for deployment in state organisations in Ukraine. The conventional channel gateway provides integration of the new TETRA system with the older analogue technology. The telephone gateway allows calls between telephones and airport TETRA radios. Real-time recording of all negotiations is provided by a Voice Logging system. The integrated GPS technology provides the ability to automatically transmit user location direct to a dispatcher.


The Motorola Solutions integrated TETRA system provides high-quality, extremely reliable communications with minimal infrastructure. Personnel have immediate access to the real time data and information they need. Efficient tracking, scheduling and allocation ensure the airport’s resources are deployed to maximum effect and staff work productively. Expensive aircraft downtime has been significantly reduced. Cost savings of up to 20% and time savings of up to 10% have already been achieved.


The benefits

  • Greater quality of service: correct data and efficient operations with fast turnaround deliver improved customer service
  • Business process management time savings: decreased aircraft downtime due to increased staff and team productivity of up to 10%
  • Significant cost savings: the system has reversed a 20% loss in annual income due to aircraft downtime and associated charges and incorrect paperwork and achieved a 10% reduction in staff costs thanks to improved real-time planning
  • Bespoke, scalable, integrated solution: Dimetra IP Compact’s flexible architecture is perfectly suited to the airport’s high density of users
  • System reliability in critical situations: Geographic Redundancy provides an excellent disaster recovery solution
  • Optimal reliable coverage: with just two base stations
  • Protection against interference and unsurpassed audio quality: essential in this high noise level environment

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