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Mobile wearable digital trunking communication repeater (manpack)

The repeater is designed to increase communication range between LMR subscriber radio stations in filed conditions and allows doubling traffic capacity of radio communication systems by supporting two simultaneous connections with one frequency channel occupied during operation in the digital mode. Supports multi-site operation modes.

A duplexing filter is installed to enable operation with one antenna. The repeater is supplied from the 13.6 V power supply. All repeater equipment is located inside of a metal casing.

Main designation of the repeater is operation as a part of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with an inertial navigation system. Optimum flight altitude of the UAV is 600 meters.

General characteristics

Model Number Mobile manpack communication repeater
Band/Frequency 136–174 MHz (VHF) or 403–470 MHz (UHF)
High power output 1-50 W
Channel Capacity 64
Dimensions 72x205x375 mm
Weight, Radio + Standard Battery 3.7 kg
Power Supply (Nominal) 13.6 V

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