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MOTOTRBO DMR digital/analogue manpack trunking communication radio


The radio is designed to provide two-way digital protected and analogue PMR trunking communication in stationary and field conditions. Dust and moisture protection according to IP67 rating. The hardware cryptographic module integrated into the radio for strong protection of voice and data transmitted through digital trunking communication networks. The national Ukrainian encryption algorithm DSTU 28147-89:2009 and AES-256 are implemented into the cryptographic module. Together with the Key Data Generating and Recording software this radio is a hardware-software tool for cryptographic voice and data protection. The radio has the tamper detection and key data automatic destroyed after housing opening.

Electric power supply:

  • Rechargeable battery (12 V), located in a special fast-changing unit;
  • Voltage converter 10.8 - 30 V in a special fast-changing unit;
  • Recharger for battery charging and AC 220 V power-line supply

General characteristics

Model Number digital/analogue trunking communication radio (manpack)
Band/Frequency 136–174 MHz (VHF) or 403–470 MHz (UHF)
High power output 1-25 W
Channel Capacity 99/1000
Dimensions 88x213x255 mm
Weight, Radio + Standard Battery 6.3 kg
Power Supply (Nominal) 10,8 – 32 V
Packaging test IP67

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