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Digital trunking radio based on Motorola Solutions radio of customized DM4000 series for installation on combat vehicles.


The device is designed for installation on a combat vehicle (armoured personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, light-armoured towing vehicle, tank), as well as to provide two-way LMR communication between radios of the same type in digital (using encryption) and analogue modes.

The station is supplied from the combat vehicle network at voltage of 12 or 24 V (using a standard voltage converter)

It can be connected to interphone equipment of the following types: P-124, P174, ABCK,

The device is used with a laryngophone headset or a standard headset produced by Motorola Solutions.

General characteristics

Model Number Digital trunking radio
Band/Frequency 136–174 MHz (VHF) or 403–470 MHz (UHF)
High power output 1-25-45 W
Channel Capacity 99/1000
Dimensions 225x295x265 mm
Weight, Radio + Standard Battery 5.1 kg
Power Supply (Nominal) 10.8 -15.6 V

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