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Mobile digital cross-band repeater based on Motorola Solutions different range radios of customized DM 4000 series (in case)

The repeater is designed to organize interaction of subscriber radios operating in different ranges of LMR networks, as well as to provide two-way LMR communication between radios of the same type in digital (using encryption) and analogue modes both when staying in place and during movement.

Electric supply:
  • integrated accumulator battery LiFePo4 12Аh (12 V), located in the case.
  • 10,8-30 V integrated DC power supply;
  • integrated power supply for accumulator battery charging and device supply from 220 V mains.
Standard configuration:
  • DM4000 radios - 2 pcs.;
  • accumulator battery LiFePo4, 12Аh - 1 pcs.;
  • press-to-talk microphone DTMF - 2 pcs.
  • charger - power supply unit - 1 pcs.;
  • magnetic-sole antenna A-404V и A-404U - 1 pcs.;
  • connection cable of the external DC power supply 10,8-30 V- 1 pcs.
  • cable for supply from 220V mains- 1 pcs.
Additional equipment:
  • coaxial terminal cable;
  • lightning arrester with a connection cable;
  • j-shaped whip antenna A-404V и A-404U.;
  • handset A-HDM4000;
  • press-to-talk microphone;
  • accumulator battery;
  • accumulator battery charger;
  • directional antenna A-406V, A-408U, A-410U;
  • magnetic-sole antenna 409V / 409U;
  • magnetic sole counterpoise antenna 409V + / 409U +;
  • quick deploy antenna A-411V;
  • broadband dipole antenna A-405V / A-405U;
  • mobile collinear antenna A-407U;
  • antenna splitter A-440V / A-440U;
  • overload protection 380 V;
  • telescopic mast;
  • special bag;
  • case bag for antennas carrying.

General characteristics

Model Number Mobile digital cross-band repeater
Band/Frequency 136-174 MHz (VHF) or 403-470 MHz (UHF)
High power output 25-45 W (136-174 MHz) 25-40 W (403-470)
Channel Capacity 99/1000
Dimensions 551x358x225 mm
Weight, Radio + Standard Battery 14 kg
Packaging test IP67

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