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Digital & analogue mobile trunking radio (manpack)

The device is designed to provide two-way LMR communication between radios of the same type in digital (using encryption) and analogue modes both when staying in place and during movement.

Electric supply:
  • Integrated accumulator battery (12 V) located in a special quick-change compartment.
  • 10.8-30 V external DC power supply
  • Charger for accumulator battery and device power supply from 220 V
Standard configuration:
  • Radio in a special casing housing of DM4000 series - 1pcs.;
  • Accumulator battery LiFePo4, 12 Ah - 1pcs.;
  • DTMF press-to-talk microphone - 1pcs.;
  • Charger — power supply unit - 1pcs.;
  • Antenna 1/4 λ A-412Vor А-412U (depending on frequency range) - 1pcs.;
  • J-shaped whip antenna A-404V or A-404U (depending on frequency range) - 1pcs.;
  • Waterproof backpack for transportation of the radio station and accessories - 1pcs.;
  • Connection cable to the external DC power supply network 10.8-30 V - 1pcs.;
  • Coaxial radio-frequency terminal cable with connectors (20 m) - 1pcs.;
  • Surge suppressor with a connection cable - 1pcs.;
  • А-304 device - 1pcs..
Additional equipment:
  • Handset A-HDM4000;
  • Press-to-talk microphone;
  • Accumulator battery;
  • Directional antenna A-406V, A-408U, A-410U;
  • Magnetic-sole antenna A-409V/A-409U;
  • Magnetic-sole counterpoise antenna A-409V+/A-409U+;
  • Quick deploy antenna A-411V;
  • Broadband dipole antenna A-405V/A-405U;
  • Mobile collinear antenna A-407U;
  • Antenna splitter A-440V/A-440U;
  • Overload protection 380 V;
  • Telescopic mast;
  • Special bag;
  • Case bag for antennas carrying.

General characteristics

Model Number Digital & analogue mobile trunking radio (manpack)
Band/Frequency 136–174 MHz (VHF) or 403–470 MHz (UHF)
High power output 25-40 W (UHF); 25-45 W(VHF)
Channel Capacity 99/1000
Dimensions 120x250x420 mm
Weight, Radio + Standard Battery 6.4 kg
Power Supply (Nominal) 10,8 – 32 V

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