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When every second counts, the MTP6750 delivers by providing a trusted communications lifeline, ensured by industry leading audio and coverage performance. But keeping you safe is about more than these fundamentals - with the MTP6750, you can be prepared for what’s ahead through mission-critical intelligence, delivered directly to the radio – the world’s first TEDS Ready portable device.

Communications Lifeline 
With best-in-class receiver sensitivity, operational range can be extended by up to 14%. With 2W audio through the loudspeaker as well as through the IMPRES remote speaker microphone, you can benefit from loud, clear and undistorted audio to ensure reliable communication. 

Mission-critical Design 
Frontline personnel need to trust their equipment. To ensure ruggedness our radios meet and exceed stringent MIL-SPEC test standards in addition to meeting the requirements of ETSI mechanical tests. In addition to optimized ergonomics, the MTP6000 series is IP67 compliant meaning it will continue to operate even after being submerged in water. 

Harness Intelligence 
Instantly share intelligence with frontline officers through TEDS data connectivity, flexible Bluetooth v2.1 wireless technology or using the micro SD card for multimedia content storage 

Automate the Backoffice 
Simply dock the radio in its charging cradle to seamlessly share evidential images and mission briefings between the radio and backoffice systems.

Shorten the learning curve 
Minimise training needs with familiar, easy to use IMPRES accessories that integrate seamlessly into your operational environment with automatically optimised audio profile settings


General characteristics

Model Number Портативная цифровая радиостанция Tetra
Band/Frequency 412-417, 422-427, 457.4-459, 467.4-469 МГц
High power output Класс 3L (1,8 Вт) и класс 4 (1 Вт)
Channel Capacity 2048 (TMO) и 1024 (DMO)
Dimensions 132 x 59 x 34 мм
Weight, Radio + Standard Battery 292 г
Packaging test ETSI 300-019 1-7, класс 5M3, IP67

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